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It was a 9.15am start at the shops in Cambridge. 5-or-so hours later (including 30 minutes lunch break) and the choice had been whittled down to two. In two different shops. 10 minutes walk apart.

Choice 1
Three diamonds (0.18crt and 2x0.07crt) set in a single width rounded-edge platinum band. Hand made. One of only 50.

Choice 2
Single 0.33crt square princess diamond set in a single width squared white gold band.

After a lot of thought and discussion (helped along by some (soft) drinks in a pub) it came down to the fact that, although the first choice was a beautiful ring (every ring brought out of the display cabinet was "beau-diful" or "gorgeous", according to the bloke in the shop, but this one was indeed beautiful) and it was, freakily, the right size, the second choice just shouted "Engagement ring". The first choice looked more like a dressy ring.

"But white gold? Why? You'll have to get it replated every six months!"
Ah, now here's the thing. We didn't want the 2nd choice in white gold, we wanted it in platinum. The nice woman in the jewelers made a few phone calls, and they said they could get someone to copy the design in platinum for us. For an additional fee, of course.

"What the heck!", I said, "Go for it."

A total of 7 hours of shopping, and here is the result. Click on the image to see an enlarged version.

Top view   Side profile   On the finger view

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