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Like most of the things with the wedding, what started off as a simple idea blossomed into something much more complicated. What you see on the left, including all the figurines and flowers, is the result of many hours of hard work by my mum: she's very good at making these sort of things as she's been making wedding/anniversery/novelty birthday cakes for years. I remember my mum spending countless hours, night after night, making hundreds of individual sugarcraft flowers/items for various cakes. She was therefore the natural choice when it came to the cake.

The original idea was to have a simple three-tiered cake with some simple flowers. I had seen my mum make sugarcraft mice for the bride and groom figurines on a previous wedding cake, which I thought was a nice idea. Katherine thought so too, so we asked my mum to do the same for us. I can't remember if we were that bothered about the shape of the tiers, but I do know that we wanted to the tiers to be offset from one another. I think it was my mum's idea that the tiers should be diamond-shaped.

What actually happened with the rest of the cake is largely down to the wedding crew as they were over the same weekend as my parents. Whilst Katherine, me and my mum discussed the cake in the dining room, the wedding crew were in the living room. When it came to the discussion about the figurines, the wedding crew were more than happy to chip in their own suggestions, which mainly involved them all having their own figurine on the cake doing some sort of action. Surprisingly enough, my mum was up for the challenge, so it was figurines all round! If you notice, they're wearing the right clothes and even have the correct hair colour. Now that's attention to detail!

Oh, and then there was the tandem. You see we bought a tandem about a month before the wedding. I'm not sure whos idea it actually was to have a tandem on the cake, but I think it worked great. I think my mum was not too impressed, though, as it was a nightmare, apparantly (I'm told the handlebars were the worst part). I think she did a great job, and the "Just Married" attachment was a great finishing touch.

"So what are the figurines actually doing?", I hear you ask. Funny you should say, I was just about to come to that. The story (for which you can thank my mum) goes a little something like this:
  • Karen, I think is on the top tier, pouring confetti down on the bride and groom (unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a picture of Karen mouse)
  • Penny and Alison are the on the bottom tier, sitting together (you can see them behind the tandem). Penny is reading a Runner's World magazine
  • The best man (Percy) is on the bottom tier, sweeping up Karen's confetti with a broom (and not a shotgun, as some people have suggested)
  • The bride and groom are on the middle tier, arm in arm, getting covered in confetti
  • The tandem is leaning up against the bottom tier, ready to go, with a "Just Married" banner trailing behind it

So there you go! We still have the figurines in a box, but I'm not sure what condition they're in now. The handlebars of the tandem survived the event, but broke off in transit on the way home.

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