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Wedding Car : 1990 Bentley Turbo R

After a load of faffing around, we finally found what I was looking for (Katherine didn't seem to be that bothered *what* car we had, as long as she could get to the church. Fairy Nuff).

It looks a little something like this. Click on the images to see a larger version (Warning! They're about 90k each)

Bentley Turbo R             Bentley Turbo R
Pictures reproduced by kind permission of Stephen Carter, Executive Carriages of Cambridge.

This one picked Katherine and her dad up from the hotel in the morning, and took both of us to the reception after the ceremony. For some really anoraky information about this particular model, check out this webpage.

Crew Cars : 1998(?) E-Class Mercedes

The rest of the crew travelled in some of these (including me).

Pictures unavailable at present
(I think you can work out what they look like! If not, check out here to give you an idea.
Note: this is not the company we're using, and the colour is different!)

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