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Here are the motley crew that helped us get through the day. Obviously, things change over time. So, the main text you see next to the pictures is the text as was when first posted all those years ago. Scroll down to the bottom to see what's happened since.

In the Groom's corner, we had:

Best Man


Stephen "Percy" Penney

A St. Alban's lad, through and through, reknowned for his apres drinking exploits and his love of Stedman (ringing stuff) and Oasis. He's leant me loads of Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes on video (top chap) and he's still learning to play the guitar. His cat's 20 years old. Rumour has it that he's finally got round to buying a new pair of shoes, although this has yet to be proven. His website can be found here. He chose this photo. The one *I* chose, can be seen here.

Daron "Tight T-Shirt" Probert

My (baby) brother. Ahhhhhh....aint he cute? He's in his third year of uni in Cardiff, works part-time in the Prince of Wales pub, likes to wear tight t-shirts, do weights and is a dab hand at DJing. He recently managed to get himself a residencey at Incognitos in Cardiff - judging by the photo, he's been practicing the DJ stance for some time. He used to embarrass me something chronic when I was a teenager by grabbing my hand and skipping along when we were walking into the village. His flatmates bought him a large mirror for his 21st birthday.



Picture unavailable at present

Martin "Mung-keh!" Hatfield

He's known for his facial hair. Another bellringer at heart, he stayed in Cardiff after graduating and currently works at UWIC (university stuff) and lives with his wife Poppy and two old cats. His monkey impressions are legendary, and he does mean renditions of Madness and the Prodigy at kareoke. Martin's website can be found here.

In the Bride's corner, we had:



Alison "I'll be in the Wilkes'" Briggs

Our ex-Leek lovely. A town planner by trade, now living near Derby. Famous for her fashion (namely *that* top on the Welsh Colleges' tour, and *that* dress at a Cardiff dinner) and her ability to play the part(s) of buxum wenches in her am-dram productions. While she's not scorning people for putting up ugly conservatories, she finds time to do a spot of bellringing (don't we all?) and running. She owns two cats - Ant and Dec. Although Ant has turned into a girl since being named.

Karen "I haven't got green blood" Williams

Another northerner by choice, but she is Welsh, so we'll let that lie. Living in Chester and working in the HR department for a major credit card company, Karen keeps busy hiring and firing people and trying to avoid bumping into cast members of Hollyoaks while out and about town. Outside of work, she's a keen ringer (don't believe her when she says she's not), and proclaims that she'll never take up running. Her parents own a rather brilliant dairy farm down near Camarthen, in South Wales.





Penny "mine's a cider shandy" Clarkson

Easily recognised in a crowd - she's the one with the big smile, a pair of sunglasses in her hair (whatever the time of year) and a bottle of mineral water close by. A (shandy) cider and margarita drinker in her spare time, she lives in Cardiff and is a dab hand at cement work. Originally from Gloucester but has lived here, there and everywhere during her years of training for her job. She's recently become an aunty (ahhhhhhh), and we'll be using her to keep the other bridesmaids and the best man in check.


Percy: He's still learning to play the guitar. However, his cat unfortunately had to be put down in 2004 at the grand old age of 22. Lately, he seems to be buying shoes with gay abandon.

Daron: He still lives in Cardiff at the moment, although he's graduated from uni. He still DJs a lot, but not in the Prince of Wales anymore. I think it's Lloyds now, as well as Creation.

Martin: Martin left UWIC sometime ago to teach Drama, amongst other things. The latest plan is that both he and Poppy are moving to Surrey and Martin is to become a house husband, looking after their son, Daniel. I think it's an excuse for him to play with all the cool toys.

Alison: Quite major changes here - for a start, she now lives in Derby with her husband, Tony, which also means she's no longer a "Briggs", and lives nowhere near the Wilkes' Head. Her time is now taken up by looking after her daughter, Jessica, who was born in July 2005.

Karen: Again, there are major changes. She now lives in Herefordshire with her bloke, Dave. She does still work in HR, although not for a major credit card company.

Penny: The only change I can think of is that she's moved house, and has taken on the role of a budding property tycooon by renting her old house to a couple of PhD students.

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