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The Church

St Andrew the Great (StAG), St Andrew's Street, Cambridge

This is our church. Their website can be found here.
The pictures below were taken before the wedding, but will have to do until I get round to uploading some pictures of the place on the day. If you click on them, you can load up a larger version.

Taken on a Saturday, so there were a few shoppers hanging around. The taxi rank is to the right and the Big Issue seller (quite a funny bloke) normally stands where the woman with the brown handbag is
This one shows more of the church. It was taken late on a Saturday morning 2½ weeks before Christmas, hence the huge crowds wandering by. The taxi rank is hidden behind that Renault people carrier. It was pretty busy on the day, and there were roadworks.
StAG Main door
The main door. Notice the bikes liberally strewn over the railings on the left. There weren't that many on the day itself, but we'll have to wait to see the formal photos to see if he managed to take them out of the shot! The only obstacle we had on the day was a collection of old ladies that wanted to have a look.

It's in the middle of town, located right next to a taxi rank. There aren't normally that many photographic opportunities outside because of the trashed bikes locked to the railings, big issue sellers and tourists with big cameras in the background.

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